Hey There! I'm Chetan Baliyan.

I love building stuff

I am based in Muzaffarnagar, India. I have experience developing and maintaining both frontend and backend production software. I love to work on different stuff that excite me. Outside of work, I am a solo travel enthusiast and am passionate about sports.

About Me

My coding journey started in May 2022 when I decided to explore more about coding and building websites. I began by learning basic HTML, CSS, and JS. Addicted to coding, I dedicated 10-15 hours daily to it. Within 3 months, I gained skills in JS, ReactJS, and acquired a grasp of the basics of blockchains, understanding how they work, and landed an internship as a full-stack dev. And then, I explored more about Ethereum and Flow blockchains. I got really into decentralization and writing smart contracts. I also won two blockchain hackathons. After that, OpenAI released LLM and an API for it, which attracted me to learn more about Gen AI. I started exploring how LLM works and built some very interesting projects like an AI Telegram chatbot and tools to extract structured info from PDFs and many others.

Some Achievements

Date: December 2023

Winner at ETHIndia 2023

D-FIR is a decentralized FIR system built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a system that enables citizens to register FIRs without having to visit a police station. Additionally, it allows the police to manage FIRs and update their statuses. We have introduced user abstraction to shield users from the complexities of the blockchain.

Date: October 2023

I achieved 2 million+ views on Instagram using my short video automation tool.

I built this tool to automate the process of creating short videos for Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. I used Quora to scrape data and then utilized that data to generate short videos. A user just needs to provide an interesting Quora link, and the tool will automatically generate a short video for it. I generated 30+ videos with this tool and uploaded them on Instagram. It turned out that I got more than 2 million views and thousands of likes and comments. In the future, I will add more templates to it.

Date: April 2022

Winner in ETHDubai x SushiSwap x Mantle Hackathon 2022

Our team build "Flow-Flash-Loans" Project, Flash Loans provide a very easy way to gain access to capital for a single transaction. This extra access to capital can be used for arbitrage opportunities, liqudations, etc. Currently, there is no easy way to get Flash Loans in Flow. We have come up with an interface and specification that can be used by DEXs already present on Flow to provide secure Flash Loans to their users, which will end up with them earning extra fees above the swap fees.


Short video automation

A short content automation bot, which can generate short videos for youtube and instagram

Nodejs whisper

NodeJS Bindings for Whisper - the CPU version of OpenAI's Whisper, as initially crafted in C++ by ggerganov.

Chatgpt Telegram Bot

A Telegram chatbot that can answer your questions, generate text-to-image and text-to-audio, correct grammar in English, and even send you random funny jokes.


askme is a command-line interface (CLI) tool to chat with your PDF data. It can perform operations such as adding PDFs to a vector DB for similarity searches etc.


A app to extract structured data from a pdf for any other file


A cloud video transcoding service


A Nextjs template to ship your product fast, It can save more then 1 day of a dev who want to ship a product fast


GitScan: A powerful tool for examining and searching through all details and history of a Git repository.


TaskMate is a task management application that allows users to create, manage, and organize tasks efficiently. This repository contains the source code for both the frontend (client) and backend (server) of the application.


A snake game


A app where user can chat with a given website


This is a web app where user can talk with there pdf , just need to run few scripts to ingest there pdf, and then with web interface they can talk with pdf


This is a layer of wkhtmltopdf binary on amazon linux


This is a basic project to show how public key cryptography work By using Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures


This is a role base Post management project , creators can create posts and then send that for review to admin,then admin can reject and approve them and public can see approved post


Website crawler tool


A example of how to use crypto wallet for authentication with servers


A tool to convert ideas into realistic images

Designed & Built by Chetan Baliyan