Chetan Baliyan

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I love building things & I also do backpacking travel very often.

Open Source Projects

  • Nodejs-whisper: nodeJS Bindings for Whisper - the CPU version of OpenAI's Whisper.
  • Short-video-automation: A short content automation tool, which can generate short videos for YouTube and Instagram.
  • video-transcoding-service: A serverless video transcoding service which can run on AWS ECS and Lambda.
  • AI telegram bot: A Telegram Chat bot that sends you pictures in addition to responding to your questions, and text to speech.
  • LaunchKit: A Next.js template, featuring stripe, database, authentication, and email functionality integration.
  • focus: A CLI tool written in Rust to block distracting websites on the system level for a specific time and help stay focused.
  • askme: A CLI tool written in Go to chat with your PDF data.
  • Document-AI: A tool to extract structured data from a PDF, offering a good open-source alternative to Google's Document AI.
  • Superbridge-Dashboard: Track and update blockchain bridge transaction limits for supported tokens on your App chain.
  • VideoSanitizer: VideoSanitizer automatically censors or mutes explicit content in videos using AI.
  • autosub: Automatically generate and overlay subtitles for any video.
  • event-pilot: A real-time monitoring tool use Kafka and MongoDB to offer scalable and efficient event analysis.
  • rustis: A minimal Redis-compatible server implemented in Rust, utilizing no external dependencies for core functionality.
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